Have you ever wanted to go to the moon? With Lunar Quest we offer the opportunity to be part of such a mission. When embarking on a Lunar Quest mission you and your crew will engage in one of the most challenging space simulations Challenger Centers has to offer.
When beginning your mission, half of the crew starts in Mission Control at the lunar colony. You and your crew in mission control work to successfully guide and bring your relief crew to the moon. The other half of the crew takes off from Earth on the Orion Crew Transport Vehicle using an Ares 5 rocket to launch you into low Earth orbit. Once in orbit you will meet up with the Altair Lunar Lander which was launched 10 days prior. The two meet, dock and create what is referred to as the Lunar Transport Vehicle (LTV).
Once docked you and your crew are off to the moon, calculating your way with the aid of those in Mission Control to successfully make it to your destination and finally land on the surface.
The main mission of Lunar Quest is to relieve a crew that has been stationed at the moon’s main facility, Moon Base Alpha and send them back to Earth, but not without a few challenges on the way.

Those who take on the adventure will be part of a team that utilizes several different technologies to help achieve the ultimate goal of completing a successful mission.

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